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Bug#542446: lineakd -- seems problem is triggered by autoconf2.63 vs autoconf2.64

Hi all!

	As noone more familar with this stuff picked up yet, I invested
some more time in trying to fix it. I noticed that the package built
fine in Ubuntu Jaunty so my suspection it was libtool 1.5->2 turned
out to be wrong.

	Subsequently I tried to find the toolchain package differeing
between Jaunty(working) and Karmic(failing) -- nice that ubuntu has
lots of releases, makes the difference smaller -- and could verify
that installing autoconf2.63 on karmic makes it build. The same
(jaunty) autoconf2.63 packages enables building on debian unstable as
well, could not test with Debians autoconf as no 2.63 seems to be



P.S.: Fedora seems to have dropped lineakd in december 2008, maybe
      it's time we get rid of it as well?
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