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Bug#501020: x11vnc depends on the openssl package

Hi Karl,

> The debian openssl package is not on x11vnc's dependency list.

It is.
At least on Debian package 0.9.3.dfsg.1-1.
I didn't checked previous versions.

And that's a bug.

Below, you'll find the output from our package checker (lintian):

    This package appears to be covered by the GNU GPL but depends on the                         
    OpenSSL libssl package and does not mention a license exemption or                           
    exception for OpenSSL in its copyright file. The GPL (including version                      
    3) is incompatible with some terms of the OpenSSL license, and therefore                     
    Debian does not allow GPL-licensed code linked with OpenSSL libraries                        
    unless there is a license exception explicitly permitting this.                              
    If only the Debian packaging, or some other part of the package not                          
    linked with OpenSSL, is covered by the GNU GPL, please add a lintian                         
    override for this tag. Lintian currently has no good way of                                  
    distinguishing between that case and problematic packages.

That means if we want to ship X11vnc with ssl support, you should:
- add license exemption or exception for OpenSSL as stated by lintian
- avoid linking against OpenSSL and dlopen it.

I have uploaded X11vnc 0.9.8 without ssl for now.

> It is not clear that openssl is a core debian package that is installed on
> every debian system, is it ?

It is installed on a default Debian system. Its priority is important.

From our policy:

Important programs, including those which one would expect to find on any 
Unix-like system. If the expectation is that an experienced Unix person who 
found it missing would say "What on earth is going on, where is foo?", it must 
be an important package.[5] Other packages without which the system will not 
run well or be usable must also have priority important. This does not include 
Emacs, the X Window System, TeX or any other large applications. The important 
packages are just a bare minimum of commonly-expected and necessary tools.



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