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Bug#461382: x11vnc -forever segfault

After receiving the info and logfiles from Benedikt I was able to reproduce
the problem when going over a slow link.

The problem occurs in the "network speed" estimation for new VNC clients.

If the VNC client disconnects during this measurement it could lead to
an invalid client pointer that is still being observed. 

A workaround is to apply the '-speeds dsl' (or "dsl" -> "lan" or "modem")
to bypass the measurement and the problem.

(BTW the speed estimate is really not that crucial to performance,
it just gives some hints to x11vnc for the wireframing, etc)

Please verify that this workaround actually works for you.

I have uploaded to my site a new x11vnc-0.9.4.tar.gz tarball that
puts in some guards against clients disconnecting during this period.
It should be much improved.  I would appreciate you trying it out and
letting me know how it went.



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