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Bug#461382: x11vnc -forever segfault

| 1) start on x11vnc -forever
| 2) connect and disconnect a couple of times (just close the vncviewer window):
| #! /bin/sh
| while true;
| do
| vncviewer -passwd VNCpasswdfile
| done

I tried this on a lenny install and could not reproduce the problem,
even "X-ing out" the vncviewer window as fast as it popped up for about
40-50 times.

Is the "-passwd VNCpasswdfile" required for the failure?

Which flavor and version of vncviewer are you using? 

Could you send the x11vnc output from the very beginning up until the SEGV?  

Could you also send a stack trace?  Either use gdb manually, or use x11vnc's
-dbg flag.



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