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Bug#427626: x11vnc: keyboard and mouse clicks do not get through anymore with last testing libc&xorg

| Since I upgraded my testing distribution to the last libc&xorg yesterday,
| x11vnc from testing does not seem to work anymore.  When I run it, I
| can connect to the remote desktop but the on the local viewing machine
| the desktop itself does not get screen updates anymore.  I am obviously
| using a VNC client (I tested several of them) on the viewing machine.
| Also, typing on the keyboard does not seem to have any effect, but keys
| do appear on the X11 console, and so do mouse clicks, etc.
| It seems to be just a screen update problem.

This is probably the problem with the opengl based beryl window manager
and the XDAMAGE extension described here:


Could you verify that this is the problem you are seeing?

This seems to be a bug in Xorg that XDAMAGE doesn't work probably with
OpenGL (i.e. XDAMAGE reports there are no screen changes, even though
there are actually plenty)

| I downloaded the latest x11vnc source 0.9.1 (and 0.9.2) from its project
| site and they both work as expected after I compiled them.

I have a workaround in those versions, it applies a heuristic to periodically
check if the XDAMAGE extension is inaccurate, and if so abandon using it.

I believe there will be output from x11vnc when it decides to abandon
XDAMAGE.  Could you send me the full x11vnc output when you use 0.9.1?
I don't have beryl or opengl on any machines and so I can't test directly.

The Xorg bug with OpenGL and XDAMAGE should really be fixed.  When XDAMAGE
is working properly it makes x11vnc more responsive and at the same time
use fewer resources (i.e. less screen polling).  Could you perhaps file
a bug on that?  (I'm not sure where it should be applied).



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