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Bug#427626: x11vnc: keyboard and mouse clicks do not get through anymore with last testing libc&xorg

| just an update:
| recompiling the x11vnc testing sources (in the package
| libvncserver-0.8.2) produces a working x11vnc.
| (debuild binary didn't seem to work though, I had to do a simple make in
| the x11vnc sources directory)

Hmmm, not sure what would cause this...  Maybe you don't have libxdamage
-dev package installed and so the XDAMAGE support was disabled in the
binary you built.

Check this by runniung ldd on the x11vnc binary you built and look
for the xdamage library dependency.  Also, did you run "configure"?
If so check the config.log output for libxdamage support message.

BTW, I didn't mention it but a workaround for the debian binary
would be to use "-noxdamage" option.  See the FAQ for more info:

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