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Bug#427639: netcdfg-dev: why no fortran 90 support via gfortran?

On Tue, 5 Jun 2007, Matej Vela wrote:

severity 427639 wishlist
close 427639 netcdf/1:3.6.2-1
merge 219592 427639

Giacomo Mulas <gmulas@ca.astro.it> writes:

I had to recompile the package from source to enable fortran90 support via
gfortran, why is it not enabled by default? It only required some trivial
editing of debian/rules to get it to compile on x86_64 (i.e. setting the
fortran90 compiler appropriately).

I believe this is fixed in experimental.  Warren, do you think 1:3.6.2-1
is ready for unstable?

Indeed it's fixed in experimental, I simply downloaded the source package
and it compiled clean and unchanged on etch. I also already compiled and
linked against it a rather demanding quantum chemistry code (octopus) and it
appears to work all right.

Thanks for having fixed this even before asking :)



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