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Re: Toolbar and info mode (and others)

Thanks for all the replies.

> I don't recall a single complaint or bug-report about this (before
> yours). Note that info already behaves like this since Emacs 21.

And I wouldn't have bothered reporting it if someone I recently had a
conversation with who had tried Emacs and was turned away did not
mention specifically issues relating to toolbar support.

I am not trying to waste your time.  I thought the issue was worth
raising, since it concerns a valid point about making the life of new
users simpler.  Sorry if it was reported to the wrong list.  (I seem
to recall that the Emacs Manual takes quite a liberal attitude towards
what counts as a bug.)

Please note also that the specific point I raised is really not about
how many buttons you end up with.  It's about how the toolbar behaves
when certain modes are displayed.

> You should be aware that other users use different settings than
> yours.

I started Emacs 22 (Gtk version) with emacs -q in Gnome, no special
font sizes or anything, just the defaults.  And I certainly did not
suggest redefining fill-column or anything like that.

> Are you thinking of badly designed interfaces like M$ Word?

No, one example I had in mind was WinEdt, which is a standard in the
Windows world for LaTeX.  It has loads of toolbar buttons.  Is it
badly designed?  Perhaps, I don't know.  But I have had people telling
me they have heard about Emacs's superior LaTeX support, WinEdt is
proprietary and costs money.  Badly designed or not, this is one place
new users come from.  (And I'm not suggesting to make Emacs badly
designed to please these users -- OTOH, they are likely to be heavy
toolbar users at first, and that may suggest it matters to them what
they can accomplish with the toolbar.)


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