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Re: Toolbar and info mode (and others)

    1. There's not enough space (at least if the frame is 80 columns wide)
       to add buttons without removing others.  At least with my settings,
       there no room for any additional button on the standard tool bar.

    2. The tool bar should only contain buttons for the most important
       commands.  If too many buttons are present, it might be less
       helpful / confusing.

* Maybe we should reduce the number of toolbar buttons in the
default configuration.

* If we assume that the global toolbar buttons are in order
of decreasing importance, we can discard the last few
so as to make room for all the buffer-specific toolbar buttons.

    3. Which buttons from the standard tool bar would be very useful in
       the info mode tool bar (or other major modes) as well?  Please give
       concrete examples rather than general statements like "other
       toolbar buttons".  At least <save-buffer>, <write-file>, <undo>,
       <cut>, <paste> are neither important nor useful (IMHO) in info

That is true for Info mode, but may not be true for other specialized
modes.  But it suggests an idea: to have a feature for the mode to
specify which buttons to retain from the global toolbar, or which
buttons to discard.

All this is for after the release.

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