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Jessie Lehson  Arts And Craft, UK
I write to seek your services as a Representative in the USA. My Name 
is Jessie Lehson  and I am an Artist in UK I sell my works to many 
foreigners and most of them tourists. However, I am always facing  serious difficulties when it comes to selling my art works  to Americans because most of them are aleays offering to pay with US postal Money Orders and Cashiers check and some other US Money Order , Which is very difficult for me to cash here in the UK. So therefore I am looking for a Representative in the States who will be woking for me as a part time working and I will be willing to pay you 10% for every payment / transcation from my clients.
Note that this work won't affect your present state of work. The role 
of the Representative will be to recieve payments from my costomers in the USA and help process them . I will be looking for some one that is very Responsible and also relaible, Cause the cost of coming to the state and getting every payment cash is very expensive. These payments like I said earlier are in form of Money Orders and Cashiers checks will be mailed and made out in the Name of the Representative who get this job.
Also the payments will be delivered to the Representative by mail or 
courier service any one the client uses.
So all the Representative have to do for me is to 
1) Get payment from clients.
2) Get them cashed at his/her bank.
3) Deduct his/her own percentage which is 10% of the Money .
4) And help send the Money back to me in the UK via any wire transfer 
Like I said earlier the job will not take your time and also will also not affect your present job.If you are interested in helping and also making money, Kindly get back to me with the details below so as to get started.
Jessie Lehson 
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