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Bug#123272: crash segfaults on wrong command line input

tags 123272 upstream wontfix

On Mon, Jul 31, 2006 at 04:03:09AM +0200, Matej Vela wrote:
> I couldn't find it at first glance and gave up; the fact that no one
> cared to in 4 years is telling me something.

Well, it is a program intended to produce SIGSEGV, SIGILL, and even
SIGBUS on sparc64. I think we both agree on that.

There are 2 major modes of working:
 * one with 1 process;
 * another with forked processes.

The first mode is when crashme is invoked without the NSUB parameter.
Sometimes, the SIGSEGV can be catched, but some other times, the
kernel explicitely takes control to kill the process. Depending of
the nature of what triggered the SIGSEGV, the signal cannot be catched
via userspace.

The second mode is when crashme is invoked with the NSUB
parameter. Here, processes are forked and the same appears. However,
we do not really see it at first glance, because there are always
more than one process which keep running.

It appears the fix is there is no fix. Nowadays, the Linux kernel is
too clever for that old program. ;P

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