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Bug#123272: crash segfaults on wrong command line input

tags 123272 patch

> The patch is problematic in several ways:

I do not agree.

>  * nsub is an optional argument; its absence is not an error.

It leads to SIGSEGV, so it seems to me it is indeed.

>  * The if branch you are patching doesn't actually use nsub; only the
>    first three arguments are passed to old_main().

I do not see that when I read the thing with indent as my helper.

>  * From a cursory gdb session, the reason crashme segfaults is that it
>    executes illegal instructions, not in the options parsing.

So why does it not segfault anymore with my work?

While you seem perfectly fine saying what I did is stupid, I would
be rather interested that you propose a better solution for a bug
opened more than 4 years ago and which nobody cared to fix.

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