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Bug#349295: [pryzbyj: memprof bug]

For the reason the BTS won't let me 'b'ounce this message to it, so
I'm trying a 'f'orward instead.

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To: 349295@bugs.debian.org, Jason Dorje Short <jdorje@users.sf.net>;
Subject: memprof bug

Hey Jason,

Can you confirm the ability to run "xterm" under memprof?  I agree
that memprof seems to be totally busted, but it seems to at least be
capable of spawning an xterm, if nothing else.  I just want to check
and see if we are seeing the thing.  Another bug was submitted

  #349453: memprof hangs just after executing profiled app

I noticed you are running a sid system; does memprof functionality
change at all if you apt-get update && apt-get dist-upgrade today?

Clear skies,

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