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Bug#348159: O: xdialog - X11 replacement for the text util dialog


On 1/23/06, Michelle Konzack <linux4michelle@freenet.de> wrote:
> I like Xdialog and use it extensivly.  Unfortunatly I am not one
> of the best coders, but I am thinking to take over this package.
> What do you think about?
Good luck ;) Go ahead if you are going to work on it with the upstream
and you can someone to sponsor your uploads.

> Please feel free to contact me privatly.
No need :)

> Note:   Cause of a problem with my appartement (need a new one)
>         I have currently only Mail-Access to the Internet and no
>         Web, exactly, only sparely from an Internet Cafe with my
>         old Toshiba T1950CT (a 12 years old killer machine).
Developing this package will not need extensive internet access.
However uploading, and keeping your own packages up to date (which is
needed if you are compiling and uploading debian packages) could be a
problem. It's up to you.

> Please can you tell me which problems are between Upstream and you?
> (He lives in France like me)
He likes to include the debian specific files in his releases, so he
does a non public "prerelease" for debian to make the needed changes
than I shall not upload that into the archives before he does the real
release, after that I can upload. According to debian policies I
should use the upstream's orig.tar.gz as orig.tar.gz but that is
changed by then, so I have to redo things, and send the changes, and
ahhhh. I could not work out this with him, he insisted that this
procedure works fine with red hat therefore it should with debian.
That's basicly the whole story.

> Am 2006-01-15 12:24:22, schrieb LENART Janos:
> > Package: xdialog
> > Version: 2.0.6-4
> > Severity: normal
> >
> > I am failed to work together with the upstream, therefore this package
> > could be maintained much better by someone else.
> > If you pick it up, I recommend that you also contact the upstream
> > about it (see copyright file).


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