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Bug#348906: lmodern warnings with bullets and cdots

retitle 335899 RFA: lmodern -- scalable PostScript fonts for european character sets
reassign 335899 wnpp,lmodern

Elrond <elrond+bugs.debian.org@samba-tng.org> wrote:

> Exactly my point!
> Thanks for clarifying.
> I really do like it, if Debian packages have a
> README.Debian, that gives "quick start" infos, as most
> other stuff is already prepared to "work out of the box",
> one just needs to know, how to use it "on Debian".

Note that this information is by no means Debian-specific.  We should
submit this change upstream.

Apropos "we": As a sidenote in a thread on -devel, it turned out that
our current choice of letting lmodern be orphaned and subscribing the
list to its bugs is suboptimal, since people are considering some
auto-cleanup of testing from orphaned packages with bugs (even with
non-RC bugs).  So I'm retitling the bug to RFA (request for adoption)
and make it visible also in the lmodern package's bug page, and we're
going to do a takeover-upload somewhen in the future

>> This text assumes that people who need other encodings than T1 (current
>> lmodern package supports also QX, current upstream supports at least
>> also T5) know what to change.
>> Of course, it would be better if upstream would provide better
>> documentation, so that one could refer users to 'texdoc lmodern'.
> As mentioned above, I like the quickstart info, if upstream
> has more docs, the above text could have some "For more
> details, see the docs in ...".

I object to that - if there *is* an upstream documentation, duplicating
this in README.Debian is superfluous (and even harmful, because it
distracts people from the cases where README.Debian in fact has
important Debian-specific information).

Regards, Frank
Frank Küster
Single Molecule Spectroscopy, Protein Folding @ Inst. f. Biochemie, Univ. Zürich
Debian Developer (teTeX)

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