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Bug#348906: lmodern warnings with bullets and cdots

Package: lmodern
Version: 0.92-7


Running this simple .tex through latex gives warnings about


	\item $\cdot$

The warnings are:

	LaTeX Font Warning: Font shape S/lmr/m/n' undefined
	(Font)              using S/cmsy/m/n' instead
	(Font)              for symbol extbullet' on input line 10.

The resultant .dvi or .ps or .pdf is okay.

The warnings are just annoying and keep one from noticing
real problems in the tex run.

I have not found any ways to workaround the warnings.

If the above useage is incorrect, it would be helpful, if
you could mention that in README.Debian (and to this
bugreport), as this seems the most obvious way of using it.


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