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Bug#349453: memprof hangs just after executing profiled app

On 2006-01-22 (sunday), at 23:38:21 Justin Pryzby wrote:

> Does memprof work with xterm?  It is the only program I have tried so
> far that actually ran..
Hmm that's something new. It "works" with xterm, however there is no
information in memproof's main window.
At least it doesn't hnag-up. This seems to be #349295

Normally I was trying to memproof my own application, which was working with
memproof. but it was long time ago (May/Jun 2005)

Right now this app hangs memproof.

I noticed one more thing: When I was trying to run 
$ memproof /usr/bin/xterm 
(as a normal user) I had this error message:
** (memprof:2989): WARNING **: Can't open /proc/2990/mem
this "file" was readable only by root, so I made the same thing as root
# memproof /usr/bin/xterm
There was no error message, and main window of memproff was empty. 
If memproof is using data from /proc/* maybe there was some change in the way
all this data is sored here?
if I do 
# cat /proc/<some running PID>/mem 
There is empty file. 

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