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Bug#349453: memprof hangs just after executing profiled app

On 2006-01-22 (sunday), at 22:18:00 Justin Pryzby wrote:

> It appears that our memprof package has major issues.  Could you try
> compiling it locally with DEB_BUILD_OPTIONS=nostrip, and running it
> under valgrind (oh the irony!) to try to get a backtrace of the
> problem at an early stage?  I couldn't get that kind of error, though
> I'm not able to get memprof to do anything useful, either.
Oki - I will try rebuilding it and some debugging.

But I'm afraid that there may be something wrong in other place. 
Memproof uses libary pre-loading to override some libc6 function? Maybe there
is something that is blocking overriding those libc6 functions? It can't be
anything kernel-related, I don't use selinux nor patched kernel etc.. - just
clean debian kernel. 


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