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Bug#314261: Upgrade plan from libgd-gif1 to something else?

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On 15-06-2005 14:54, Martin Michlmayr wrote:

> libgd-gif1 has been orphaned for ages, but there are still some
> packages which depend on it, so I cannot remove it right now.  Could
> these packages move to some other libgd* package which we have in the
> archive?
> At the moment, the following packages (build-)depend on libgd-gif:
>  nessus (depends)
>  boot-floppies (b-d)
>  gccchecker (b-d)
>  nessus-core (b-d)
>  png2html (b-d)

libgd-gif1 is a (dead!) fork off of libgd 1.x made to preserve the GIF
support dropped upstream.

Switching would mean either dropping GIF support (which I believe is not
really interesting, as only sane reason to use the fork is GIF support)
or rewrite the code to support the newer (and actively maintained
upstream!) libgd 2.x series.

I considered adopting libgd-gif1 myself, but it makes better sense to
kill all 1.x variants and move to 2.x (which has GIF support again now
that the compression patent has run out).

I suggest next step is to make the package maintainers of the above
packages aware of this bugreport, if they are not already...

 - Jonas

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