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Bug#295248: tex4ht -- LaTeX and TeX for Hypertext (HTML)

> In the new package you've put up for alpha-testing, the new tex4ht.env
> 2005-02-03-00:56 doesn't use
> Gdvipng %%1 -o %%3.png -pp %%2 -q -D123 -bd 2 -Ttight -fg "rgb 0.0 0.0 0.0"
> -bg  "Transparent"
> Gmv %%3.png %%3
> as suggested in another png generating open bug actually reported by you,
> http://bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/bugreport.cgi?bug=229569
> but rather
> <dvipng>
> G.png
> Gdvipng -q -mode ibmvga -D 110 -o %%3 -T tight -pp %%2 %%1
> </dvipng>
> is this better or worse than the line you've suggested in 229569? I'm not
> familiar with the .env syntax yet or with the dvipng operation to judge.

With my existing documents the new version just doesn't work. The 
known-problematic dvips sequence is being run instead, and all the embedded 
formulae become unstripped of the HUGE white bounding box, just like in the 
presently generated darcs docs (see bug #294459: HTML manual generated by a 
broken tex4ht install).

When I reverted to the previous .env file (which is the default one with your 
bug #229569 idea applied to it manually), things worked again with the new 
tex4ht install.

If there is a way, please make the package auto-use the dvipng way of doing 
things when it is installed, and also, if possible, make the dvips one 
generate a normal bounding box as well...


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