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ITA: mozart, mozart-stdlib, mozart-doc, mozart-gtk

retitle 220431 "ITA: mozart -- The Mozart Programming System"
retitle 230690 "ITA: mozart-stdlib -- The Mozart Programming System (Standard Library)"
retitle 230689 "ITA: mozart-gtk -- The Mozart Programming System (GTK 1.2 bindings)"

After discussions with the previous maintainer of these packages
(Marco Kuhlmann) it has been agreed that I will take over
responsibility for packaging them for Debian.

I am one of the core developers of the Mozart system and a very
satisfied/grateful Debian user. 

We are in the process of releasing version 1.3.0 of the Mozart system
(should be available before mid-March). I will package and submit
version 1.3.0 once the Mozart release is complete.  At that time I
will take care of the outstanding bugs on these Debian packages.

Kevin Glynn


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