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Bug#58801: cooledit could use mc-common syntax files

retitle 58801 mc-common: please split syntax files to a separate package
reassign 58801 mc-common

laurent bonnaud <Laurent.Bonnaud@inpg.fr> writes:

> Package: cooledit
> Version: 3.11.6-2
> Severity: wishlist
> Hi,
> all syntax files in /usr/X11R6/lib/cooledit/syntax are also in
> /usr/lib/mc/syntax (belonging to the mc-common package), and the versions in
> mc-common are more recent.  Therefore it could be a good idea to use them
> instead of including an old copy in the cooledit package.

(Sorry about the miserable response time, cooledit is orphaned.)

I don't want cooledit to depend on all 3900 KB of mc-common just for
the 240 KB of syntax files.  Could you make a separate mc-syntax



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