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tux-aqfh_1.0.14-1_i386.changes is NEW

(new) tux-aqfh-data_1.0.14-1_all.deb optional games
Data files for Tux: A quest for herring
 Tux: A quest for herring  is a 3D search/explore/puzzle game.
 Follow our Hero Tux the Penguin in a quest for eight golden herring.
 Game is in full 3rd person perspective, It's written in OpenGL.
 Initial release has only a handful of playable levels - but it's all
 OpenSourced under GPL and hopefully enough people will want to help with the
 development to turn this into something very special.
 This package contains graphics, sounds, level descriptions, and
 documentation for tux-aqfh.
  to pool/main/t/tux-aqfh/tux-aqfh_1.0.14-1.diff.gz
  to pool/main/t/tux-aqfh/tux-aqfh_1.0.14-1.dsc
  to pool/main/t/tux-aqfh/tux-aqfh_1.0.14-1_i386.deb
  to pool/main/t/tux-aqfh/tux-aqfh_1.0.14.orig.tar.gz
Changes: tux-aqfh (1.0.14-1) unstable; urgency=low
  * QA upload.
  * New upstream release.
  * Switch to debhelper 4.
  * Split architecture-independent data to tux-aqfh-data.
  * Update build dependencies:
    - plib1.5-dev superseded by plib-dev 1.6.0.  Closes: #167469.
    - glutg3-dev superseded by libglut3-dev.
  * Move upstream documentation to /usr/share/doc.
  * Move icon to /usr/share/pixmaps per #102310.
  * debian/rules: Remove `debug' support and enable `-g' by default.
  * Conforms to Standards version 3.5.7.
Announcing to debian-devel-changes@lists.debian.org
Closing bugs: 167469 

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