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Bug#163318: tk707 doesn't support alsa 0.9

Package: tk707
Version: 0.7.21-4

When starting tk707, the initial port selection window comes up empty. I
use alsa 0.9rc3, and I think this is because tk707 doesn't work with the
redesigned sequencer.

I noticed that Mr. Iwai has some patches for alsa 0.9 support, but I
couldn't get the tk707 package to compile from source (seemed to require
automake 1.6 which isn't packaged for debian yet?).

Note: I think this is an alsa 0.9 problem, because I found a package
elsewhere which was sort-of-0.9-aware, and the port list worked there
although the rest of the program didn't. But I don't really know enough
about it to be sure.

BTW: If this is the case, maybe the current tk707 versions should
conflict with newer alsa packages. Same goes for "pmidi", I think.

The patches I mentioned are here:

Joachim B Haga

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