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Re: [RFC] DPT Policy: Canonise recommendation against PyPi-provided upstream source tarballs

Hola everybody,

On 6/26/21 7:51 PM, Louis-Philippe Véronneau wrote:
> To me, the most important thing is that all packages must at least run
> the upstream testsuite when it exists (I'm planning on writing a policy
> proposal saying this after the freeze). If PyPi releases include them, I
> think it's fine (but they often don't).

I was a little surprised because in all discussion anyone take account
the tests (or if a missed sorry) thanks pollo to get it in discussion. I
don't have the correct numbers but I saw  many python package without
autopkgtest, and if we package from PyPi, that don't contain the
testsuite, that result in packages with any test, and that isn't good.

Also, I'm not sure, but the docs aren't in PyPi, isn't?

In the other hand, files like .git* or CI files, can be easily remove
it. So, I don't see any problems with that.


Emmanuel Arias

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