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Re: Source package name with "python-" or without?

On June 9, 2015 9:08:06 AM EDT, Thomas Goirand <zigo@debian.org> wrote:
>On 06/08/2015 08:13 AM, Piotr Ożarowski wrote:
>> [Tim Landscheidt, 2015-06-08]
>>> Should source package names ("Source:" in debian/control) be
>>> prefixed with "python-"?
>> no.
>> I use "python-" prefix for source package name only if the name is
>> not unique enough.
>I have the opposite view, and I very much prefer to prefix with
>"python-" all of the source packages I upload, when that's a python
>module (I don't do that for applications).
>One very good reason for this is sorting the files when you do "ls", or
>in your QA page, on gitweb/cgit, etc. Also, not polluting the general
>namespace is a good idea.

If the upstream name isn't python-*, then the namespace is already polluted.  Personally, I think upstream name for the source package is best unless it's really generic. 

Scott K

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