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Source package name with "python-" or without?


at Wikimedia Tools
(https://wikitech.wikimedia.org/wiki/Nova_Resource:Tools) in
the past we deployed several Python modules as packages gen-
erated by py2dsc.  I'm in the process of packaging them
"properly" for Debian and have (so far) filed two ITPs to
that effect.  I want to maintain them as a member of the
DPMT and would like to join the team for that (my alioth
user name is "scfc").

In the past few days I have tried to process every one of
the various policies and FAQs, but one very basic question
that has remained unanswered for me is if the source package
name should start with "python-" or not.
states that names of /binary/ packages must be prefixed with
"python-" (or "python3-").  Of the 774
packages/*/trunk/debian/control in the repository, 329
"Source:" values start with "python-", three with
"python3-", and 442 with neither, so there is no obvious
pattern.  Most reflect the name of their repository path,
but there are even exceptions to that (in both directions).

Should source package names ("Source:" in debian/control) be
prefixed with "python-"?


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