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Re: ${python:Depends} to enable dh_python2, ${python3:Depends} - dh_python3?

On May 07, 2014, at 05:49 PM, Piotr Ożarowski wrote:

>[Barry Warsaw, 2014-05-07]
>> So the fix if they do FTBFS would be to add ${python:Depends} or
>> ${python3:Depends}?
>yes. Note that missing ${python:Depends} or ${python3:Depends} in
>Depends in most probably a bug anyway.

I think lintian will complain in that case too.

>The only thing I want to change is to let maintainer decide which
>helper(s) should handle given binary package (the one without public
>modules) in debian/control instead of debian/rules (which I was told is
>not intuitive). Right now both will try to check this package and the
>last one used wins - this leads to questions like "why my /usr/bin/foo
>shebang points to /usr/bin/python3 instead of /usr/bin/python?" or "why
>this package depends on python3?"

Those would be good things to clear up.

>> For example, python-foo-doc or python-foo-common.  Case in point: for the
>> wheel package, I wanted the /usr/bin scripts to be shebanged python3.  The
>> multi-version build process leaves us with /usr/bin scripts in both the
>> python2 and python3 packages.  I throw away the python2 versions and move
>> the python3 versions to the python-wheel-common binary package.  That
>> package also contains the manpages of course.  It didn't feel right to call
>> that python3-wheel-common but I did want it separate from either the
>> python- or python3- library binary packages.
>how about:
>* package name starts with python- and contains ${python3:Depends} → dh_python3, stop (new)
>* package name starts with python- → dh_python2, stop (current behaviour)
>* package name starts with python3- → dh_python3, stop (current behaviour)
>* package name starts with pypy- → dh_pypy, stop (current behaviour)
>* Depends contains ${python:Depends} → dh_python2 (new)
>* Depends contains ${python3:Depends} → dh_python3 (new)
>* Depends contains ${pypy:Depends} → dh_pypy (new)
>* ignore other packages (new)

LGTM, but I guess we'll see how it works out in practice. :)


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