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Re: ${python:Depends} to enable dh_python2, ${python3:Depends} - dh_python3?

On May 07, 2014, at 12:22 PM, Matthias Klose wrote:

>Am 07.05.2014 12:17, schrieb Piotr Ożarowski:
>> dh_python2 ignores python3-* packages, dh_python3 ignores python-*
>> packages, but in all other packages both of them will try to handle .py
>> files. To avoid possible unnecessary dependencies or shebang rewrites,
>> debhelper's -N (--no-package) or -p (--package) options should be used.
>> Should I change dh_python* behaviour to ignore all binary packages that
>> do not have appropriate ${python:Depends} template in Depends?
>how many packages will fail to build, or will produce non working packages
>with this change?

So the fix if they do FTBFS would be to add ${python:Depends} or

There's another weird corner case I guess, which is, that related binary
packages that may contain some data but not necessarily the actual /usr/lib
code could start with python-.

For example, python-foo-doc or python-foo-common.  Case in point: for the
wheel package, I wanted the /usr/bin scripts to be shebanged python3.  The
multi-version build process leaves us with /usr/bin scripts in both the
python2 and python3 packages.  I throw away the python2 versions and move the
python3 versions to the python-wheel-common binary package.  That package also
contains the manpages of course.  It didn't feel right to call that
python3-wheel-common but I did want it separate from either the python- or
python3- library binary packages.


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