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Re: "search.html doesn't look like a Sphinx search page"

* Pietro Battiston <me@pietrobattiston.it>, 2012-02-22, 03:37:
I'm trying to adopt dh_sphinxdoc, but it dies with the following error:

debian/python-sqlkit-doc/usr/share/doc/python-sqlkit-doc/html/search.html doesn't look like a Sphinx search page
I uploaded a copy for your convenience at¹

So finally I'd appreciate any pointer on why _this_ is not recognized.

dh_sphinxdoc looks for the following string:

jQuery(function() { Search.loadIndex("searchindex.js"); });

This is how the search page would normally load search index. If the line is not present it can mean that:
1) search.html is not what dh_spinxdoc thinks it is, or
2) the templates were inadvertently “customized” to the point the index is not loaded (correctly).

Now, your page does this instead:

<script type="text/javascript" src="searchindex.js"></script>

This is how older versions of Sphinx used to load the index, and accidentally this method still works. (Though I cannot guarantee it'll continue to work in future versions of Sphinx.) If you insist, I can “fix” dh_sphinxdoc to recognize the other snippet as well.

However, it shall be noted that there are bigger issues with your documentation than that. The package appears to be using some non-default template language (mako?). This won't fly with recent versions of Sphinx, since it uses Jinja2 templates for its own purposes. As as consequence, you get such funny as:

  div.sphinxsidebar {
      float: left;
      width: {{ theme_sidebarwidth|toint }}px;
      margin-left: -100%;
      font-size: 90%;

in default.css or:

  var stopwords = {{ search_language_stop_words }};

in searchtools.js.

Also, please remove Google Analytics code, and references to other JavaScript code and CSS hosted on external websites. I don't want to be tracked when viewing local documentation. :<

Jakub Wilk

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