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Re: RFS: python-carbon / graphite


> > I'm searching an sponsor for the python-carbon package. This
> > package is required for Graphite (http://graphite.wikidot.com/).
> Since i'm interested in graphite, here's a quick review:

thanks for your review.

> general
> - package name: is it more a module or a program (ie, how a general
> user is supposed to use the package)? if the former, the package name
> it's ok, else it should be changed (and moved to PAPT).

I named carbon package python-carbon because of the existing
python-whisper package.

Perhaps the packages should be named:

graphite-web    (the webinterface, not yet packaged)

> - there are some lintian warnings: how have you addressed them?

This are only warnings about missing manpages.

> - the package install a plugin directly into twisted dir: are you sure
> this is the correct way to do that?

Seems to be normal - perhaps ask twisted maintainers.

> debian/control
> - add Vcs-* fields


> - missing X-Python-Version field


> - improve long description: knowing the server listens on port 2003
> (and stuff like that) it's not the purpose of the description

will do it.

> debian/rules
> - why all those file/directory tests?

> debian/README.Debian
> - small grammar fixes: '...to configure carbon, copy..."; s/Than/Then


> debian/python-carbon.examples
> - why not installing the configuration files in the right directory,
> /etc, instead of as examples the user has to copy by-hand? in any
> case, the user has to change default settings to start the server.

yes, I can do that.

> debian/python-carbon.dirs
> - why configuring dir in a namespace not for python-carbon (namely
> /var/lib/graphite*)?

see next.

> debian/python-carbon.postinst
> - why is this script taking care of creating "Graphite User"

because the whisper database files should owned by the user that runs
the webinterface. If you have different users you will get troubles
running the webinterface and carbon is "part" of Graphite. Without
Carbon you can't run Graphite. We can name that directory carbon but
this will confuse users.


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