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Re: list of package for python_support -> dh_python2 ?

On Jun 10, 2011, at 08:06 PM, Sandro Tosi wrote:

>On Fri, Jun 10, 2011 at 20:05, Piotr Ożarowski <piotr@debian.org> wrote:
>> [Barry Warsaw, 2011-06-09]
>>> What is the process for deprecating python-support?  Who makes that decision?
>> I'd ask Joss, Sandro and Jakub what they think first (if they still
>> don't think it's a good idea, it'll never happen)
>Do what you (plural) want, I don't care.

Personally, I want one helper.  The consistency will make life much easier for
new packagers, for documentation, and for helping focus the community on
fixing bugs, adding features, and improving the state of the art.

Even though it will eventually all be made moot by the retirement of Python 2
<wink>, I think that dh_python2 provides the most benefit, and is the easiest
to use.  So I would personally like to see this community rally behind it as
the One True Way.

As my previous message stated, we're on a mission to remove python-support and
python-central from the Ubuntu CDs.  Officially deprecating python-support in
Debian would make our lives easier. :)


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