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Python3 experimental packages with destination squeeze

In experimental you'll find a set of packages for Python3

  python3.1 3.1.2+20100909-1
  python3.2 3.2~a2-4
  python3-defaults 3.1.2-10
  python-defaults 2.6.6-2
  distribute 0.6.14-3

The python3.2 package has the PEP's 3147 (PYC Repository Directories)
[1] and 3149 (ABI version tagged .so files) [2] implemented, which
allows installation of .so and .py[co] files for different python
versions in one directory.  The above packages do use a common
directory as the site directory for "public" packages
(/usr/lib/python3/dist-packages).  distutils and distribute/setuptools
are patched to install into this site directory by default when using
the --install-layout=deb option. dh_python3 knows how to handle these
locations. When building packages, a build dependency on a minimum
version 3.1.2-10~ for one of the python3-* packages is needed.

The part of PEP 3149 for looking up .so files with the ABI version is
backported to python3.1.

Currently there are only a few packages in the archive depending on
python3, some of which already use the new location, I'd like to see
the rest of the packages converted too, so that these few packages can
ship with squeeze.

  * beaker		1.5.4-3
  * mako		0.3.4-4
  * sqlalchemy		0.6.4-2
  * markupsafe		0.11-2
  * jinja2		2.5.2-3
  * distribute		0.6.14-2
  * pycxx 		6.2.0-3
  * gearman-interface
  * lxml		2.2.8-1
  * python3-httplib2
  * python-slimmer
  * pyyaml
  * python-bsddb3	4.8.3-2
  * python-apt (python3-apt binary package is missing)

Packages mentioned here with version numbers are already updated, in
experimental, in NEW, or being uploaded (Scott will care about pyaml,
Piotr will care about the remaining ones, I'll contact the python-apt
maintainers about the python-apt split).

A small howto for packaging with python3 can be found here [3].  There
is a freeze exception/pre-approval granted by the release team [4] for
new "popular" binary python3-* packages as long as these are built
from the same source and don't introduce new upstream versions.

Squeeze is the first Debian release with a supported python3 and so it
is important for long term consistency and reliability to get the ABI
stuff in this release for python3.1.  If we can get it here, we can
assume all Debian releases support it.  python3.2 3.2~a2 is not
proposed for squeeze and only available in experimental to demonstrate
the coexistence of different python3 versions.

  Scott Kitterman
  Piotr Ożarowski
  Barry Warsaw
  Matthias Klose

[1] http://python.org/dev/peps/pep-3147/
[2] http://python.org/dev/peps/pep-3149/
[3] http://lists.debian.org/debian-python/2010/09/msg00020.html
[4] http://lists.debian.org/debian-release/2010/09/msg00747.html

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