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Re: Python and python3 as separate runtime systems

"Lino Mastrodomenico" <l.mastrodomenico@gmail.com> wrote:

>2010/5/26 Scott Kitterman <debian@kitterman.com>:
>> This would mean separate python-foo and python3-foo binaries where both are
>> supported from the same source.
>What will happen in the not-so-close future when Python 2.x is no
>longer supported? All the python3-foo binary packages will be renamed

If /usr/bin/python ever points to a python3 version that would be appropriate. That may never happen (even after python2 is no longer in the archive, I think it prudent to consider users still using then ancient python2 code from private repositories).  If it does,  I think it's many release cycles away and not something we should worry about now.  Reusing namespace for an incompatible purpose because it looks nice isn't something I'm in favor of anyway. 

Scott K

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