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Re: Python and python3 as separate runtime systems

"Jakub Wilk" <jwilk@debian.org> wrote:

>* Scott Kitterman <debian@kitterman.com>, 2010-05-26, 17:43:
>>I means that the support tools for Python 3 should run in Python 3 As 
>>an example, I've done a first cut at py3versions:
>Some remarks:
>- We probably want to get rid of "try: ... except ImportError: ..." 
>compatibility tricks.

Agreed. So far this is 2to3, minimal fixups to work with python3, and a few basic changes towards the proposed functionality for the python3 system. 

>- Using floating point arithmetic to compare versions is a bad idea.


>- "# compatibility functions to parse debian/py3versions", but as far as I can
>see debian/py*versions is not parsed at all. I'm not sure if Josselin 
>will be happy with that...

I may have pyversions/py3versions one too many times. 

Currently all helpers support XS-P-V. For python3, I think it makes sense to just specify versions one way. IIRC, we already had some rough consensus on this. I'm certain Joss won't be shy about his thoughts on the matter. My recollection is he wasn't thrilled,  but could live with it ( I did not go back and check archives/notes,  so that may be totally wrong).

>- There is some code to parse XB-Python-Version, but it's apparently dead. 
>Do we need this code? Or more generally, do we need XB-P-V at all?

Once again, IIRC, the issue is around mandating it for all packages,  not do we need it at all. I think it's wanted at least for extensions. 

Scott K

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