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Python and python3 as separate runtime systems

This has been discussed a bit, but I'd like to see where Debian Python 
consensus is on this.

I think users who don't care about Python 3 yet, should be able to have 
systems that don't pull any Python 3 elements on by accident.  Python 3 is 
primarily of interest to developers right now and most users won't care to 
have it.

It is very unusual for code to be able to run unmodified in both Python 2 and 
Python 3.

I think it makes sense for them to be kept separate at runtime.

This would mean separate python-foo and python3-foo binaries where both are 
supported from the same source.

It would mean that binaries should not depend on both Python 2 and Python 3 

I means that the support tools for Python 3 should run in Python 3 As an 
example, I've done a first cut at py3versions:


This will also, in the very long run, make it easier to transition to a Python 
3 version as the default Python.


Scott K

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