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Re: Would like a sponsor to upload the new version of python-foolscap

Elliot Murphy <elliot@canonical.com> writes:

> I've added foolscap to the /topic in #debian-python

That strikes me as a rather obnoxious thing to do. Why change the topic
for the whole channel, rather than just communicating as an individual
asking for assistance?

> but I didn't know where to say about the testing that I've done on
> this, so I wrote to this list. Is there anything else that I should do
> before someone can sponsor this upload?

Write a normal RFS (Request For Sponsor) message for the package, and
send it to ‘debian-mentors’ and ‘debian-python’. Ideally, upload the
package to mentors.debian.net and mark it as requesting a sponsor, which
will cause an automated message to appear in the ‘#debian-mentors’

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