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Re: Microflyer

On Sun, 28 May 2023 at 21:10, James Addison <jay@jp-hosting.net> wrote:
> On Sun, 28 May 2023 at 08:24, Joost van Baal-Ilić
> <joostvb-debian@mdcc.cx> wrote:
> > Your PR has been merged, I've just built assembly.pdf locally, that works
> > flawlessly.  So thanks for this nice work!  You write:
> Thank you!  Some discussion of your suggestions in-line, and then an
> updated text at the end of this message, that I'll request
> proofreading from debian-doc soon.
> > "All of the software source code developed by the Debian community is available
> > for you to read, edit and redistribute."
> >
> > Maybe change that to "All of the software source code shipped by the Debian
> > community [...]": most of the code is from upstream, I believe.
> Good point.  I wanted to avoid misrepresenting the availability of
> source code for (binary) packages that are available from the non-free
> areas, while remaining fairly concise - but it's true, equally we
> shouldn't risk misrepresenting the authorship of the software.
> > Also, of course the "63,000+ packaged" metric needs maintenance; it would
> > likely need to get adjusted at least once every 2 years.  Unfortunately
> > I have no suggestion on how to make sure this will happen...
> It's not a guarantee that updates will be made, but a comment in the
> tex file with a command to generate the approximate count could help?
> (for reference here: it was an 'apt list | wc -l' on bookworm)
> > What could furthermore get changed is: "by a large community of volunteers" in
> > "by a community of over 1,000 volunteers": that will likely stay true for at
> > least 10 years.
> Yep, that seems fair.  Initially I felt that leaving the scale of the
> community unquantified could lead people to be curious and find out
> more for themselves.  I've included it below, and will think about it
> more.
> ---- BEGIN FLYER ----
> Debian is a free operating system for computers of all kinds.  It
> offers 63,000+ packaged utilities and applications, including software
> for businesses, programmers, scientists, educators and artists.
> Continuous improvements and timely security updates are provided by a
> community of over 1,000 volunteers who have subject area interest and
> expertise in the software they maintain.  All of the software source
> code shipped by the Debian community is available for you to read,
> edit and redistribute.
> To learn more about Debian and to obtain a copy that you can run and
> optionally install, scan the QR code above, or visit
> https://www.debian.org for more information.
> ---- END FLYER ----

I've kindly been provided with commit access to the debian-flyers.git
repository - I don't think I'm quite ready to apply my own edits
without review, though, so I'm going to remove myself from that access
level.  If given the ability to modify the flyer within Debian without
collaborating, I think there's a risk I'd become less collaborative
(and also that fewer other people would understand the content).  I
haven't used the access to make any changes, and -- even though it
could take significantly longer, time-wise -- I think I'll wait until
I feel ready to become a Debian maintainer/developer, or will wait to
have individual patches/changesets reviewed.

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