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Hi folks,

Inspired partly by seeing Akshat's merge request to add a QR code
download link to the Debian flyer, and also partly from a desire to
promote the upcoming bookworm release near me, I have been wondering
about the idea of developing a 'microflyer' for Debian in the
debian-flyers.git repo.

The use case for this would be a low-ink, large-ish font,
six-to-an-A4-sheet printable flyer that can be distributed to local
small businesses, noticeboards, charities, and other relevant parties
who might reasonably be interested in cost-effective alternative ways
to use their computers - or simply to learn about alternative
operating system options that exist.

Here is an attempt at some copywriting for inclusion on the flyer:

---- BEGIN FLYER ----
  [swirl] debian
  the universal operating system

  Debian is a free operating system for computers of all kinds.  It
offers over 59,000 packaged utilities and applications, including
office software, programming tools, and graphics editing software to
browse and install easily.

  Continuous improvements and timely security updates are provided by
a large community of volunteers who have both subject area interest
and expertise in the software that they maintain - and if you want to,
you can make changes and participate in development yourself.

  To learn more about Debian and to find out what it can do -- with or
without installing it permanently on a computer -- scan the QR code
below, or visit https://www.debian.org for more information and ways
to get started with Debian using a USB stick, cloud computer, CD or
---- END FLYER ----

In my mind, it seems possible that that is still too wordy, and/or
that the volume of text compared to imagery/logo could still be too
text-heavy.  The QR code and logo could provide some nice balance,
though - especially in (optional) colour.

What do you think?  I hope to draft up something like this over the
next few days.


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