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Re: Microflyer

Thanks, Joost - will do!

On Fri, May 26, 2023, 19:57 Joost van Baal-Ilić <joostvb-debian@mdcc.cx> wrote:
Hi James,

Thanks for your interest!  Your idea sounds good to me, just start
implementing.  You're welcome to use debian-flyers.git repo for that.

Happy Hacking!



On Fri, May 26, 2023 at 05:20:51PM +0100, James Addison wrote:
> Hi folks,
> Inspired partly by seeing Akshat's merge request to add a QR code
> download link to the Debian flyer, and also partly from a desire to
> promote the upcoming bookworm release near me, I have been wondering
> about the idea of developing a 'microflyer' for Debian in the
> debian-flyers.git repo.
> The use case for this would be a low-ink, large-ish font,
> six-to-an-A4-sheet printable flyer that can be distributed to local
> small businesses, noticeboards, charities, and other relevant parties
> who might reasonably be interested in cost-effective alternative ways
> to use their computers - or simply to learn about alternative
> operating system options that exist.
> Here is an attempt at some copywriting for inclusion on the flyer:
> ---- BEGIN FLYER ----
>   [swirl] debian
>   the universal operating system
>   Debian is a free operating system for computers of all kinds.  It
> offers over 59,000 packaged utilities and applications, including
> office software, programming tools, and graphics editing software to
> browse and install easily.
>   Continuous improvements and timely security updates are provided by
> a large community of volunteers who have both subject area interest
> and expertise in the software that they maintain - and if you want to,
> you can make changes and participate in development yourself.
>   To learn more about Debian and to find out what it can do -- with or
> without installing it permanently on a computer -- scan the QR code
> below, or visit https://www.debian.org for more information and ways
> to get started with Debian using a USB stick, cloud computer, CD or
> DVD.
> ---- END FLYER ----
> In my mind, it seems possible that that is still too wordy, and/or
> that the volume of text compared to imagery/logo could still be too
> text-heavy.  The QR code and logo could provide some nice balance,
> though - especially in (optional) colour.
> What do you think?  I hope to draft up something like this over the
> next few days.
> Regards,
> James

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