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Debian standee banner design / Re: Microflyer

Hi abhijith,

On Sat, May 27, 2023 at 06:11:16PM +0530, Abhijith PA wrote:
> [..]
> Kannan (Cc'ed) created a Debian standee banner design which I printed 
> and used during FOSSASIA conference. I would like to place(SVG) this 
> in debian-flyers repo, so others can reuse. Is flyers repo a better 
> place (I see stickers here) or there is another place ?

I guess the debian-flyers repo is perfect for that; it now is the place where
to be printed stuff to use for representing Debian at conferences and expo's is
maintained.  And indeed, the SVG source is what we need to be kept: good idea!

So please go ahead!

Thanks, Bye,


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