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Re: Request: Debian on Instagram

> ...the general idea is to engage all other Instagram users so that they will convince themselves to use Debian if they have access to their computer.

As far as I'm concerned with that, people do not need to be convinced to use Debian, and Debian doesn't need to convince people to use it.
One can test Debian, if it feet his/her needs, then he/she can keep it.
If not, then free to switch to something else.

Debian isn't a business (as "need to convinced people to use its service and then to make moeny out of them), but a gift.

Overall, I do not like the "commercial" tone of the message ("convince, presence, influencers,...) which sounds definitely not the path to follow for the free software if we want to keep it free ("free as a speech" here). Just my 2 cents.

Have a nice day all,

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