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Re: Request: Debian on Instagram

On Fri, Jun 14, 2019 at 6:54 AM anon notmyfault64 wrote:

> Here are technical suggestions about Debian on Instagram:
> - Create a subdivision of Debian Publicity which maintains Debian on Instagram account.
> - Request "blue tick" verification to Instagram so that users can know that this is official Debian on Instagram account.

Debian does not have any official presence on any social media and
does not endorse any social network, especially proprietary ones like

All the existing Debian presence on both libre and proprietary social
media is registered and maintained by individual or groups of Debian
enthusiasts. Most of them are fed from Debian's official publicity
services (micronews, bits and DPN), mostly automatically via micronews
or bits.


So, anyone who has an Instagram account can create a Debian presence
on Instagram and feed it with official Debian content.

Looking at the Instagram developer instructions, it sounds like you
aren't allowed to do automated posting, so probably the maintainer of
a Debian Instagram account would have to manually repost official
Debian content. OTOH I might be mis-interpreting their guidelines so
it might be feasible to feed automatically.


I don't know if there are any policies about Debian related social
media accounts but I would assume these:

* Make it clear that the page/account is unofficial.
* Respect Debian's trademark policy.
* Feed in official Debian publicity content.
* Add a link to it from the otherSN wiki page.
* Hand it off to someone else if you stop maintaining it.




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