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Request: Debian on Instagram

Dear Debian Publicity Team,

Instagram is now one of most used social media platform in the world. This platforms enable anyone to upload photos and videos (maximum 10 in a post). This platform also provides Stories and IGTV features as alternatives to traditional photos and videos posts.

However, almost all Linux distribution projects (including Debian) don't utilize Instagram. By having Instagram account, Debian (and Linux in general) can spread out benefits of Linux to all Instagram users. In the long term, Linux user marketshare can be improved significantly.

Here are technical suggestions about Debian on Instagram:
- Create a subdivision of Debian Publicity which maintains Debian on Instagram account.
- Request "blue tick" verification to Instagram so that users can know that this is official Debian on Instagram account.

Hope that this request can be realized and Debian can benefit from Instagram.

Regards, Bagas

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