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Re: Request: Debian on Instagram

Hello Bagas,

Regardless of $ANY_SOCIAL_NETWORK perceived or real popularity or success, I encourage you to post there about Debian.

May I suggest you also take a look at the following links and try to abide by the information found there when you post on social networks about Debian:

I post about Debian from my personal website, which is then automatically reposted to Mastodon and DIaspora accounts, but also Twitter if I choose to.

Here are a few examples of #Debian posts on both Diaspora and Mastodon:
I understand your request for an official channel of communication from Debian but as others have explained well it's not trivial to support Instagram as it conflicts with the project values (see above).

I strongly believe a lot of the results you seek can be achieved by individuals doing the same. Post from your personal account(s), also expore other networks and how they interact. If that means you learn about Mastodon, Diaspora and other Fediverse / decentralized networks closer to Free software values and community, that is positive for me.

You also mentioned:

Le 19-06-15 à 07 h 29, Bagas Sanjaya a écrit :
Even Ubuntu also have Facebook and Twitter account doesn't mean that Ubuntu endorse those networks, those are used by Ubuntu team to promote Ubuntu distro.

To my knowledge Debian also has Twitter and Facebook pages that look as official as can be, Debian Twitter is also verified.

Ubuntu is not officially on Instagram, and unfortunately someone else already squatted Debian on Instagram.

Thanks for bringing this subject up, it has started other conversations about Debian advocacy and I hope that will be good for Debian adoption improvement.


Fabian (another user).

Le 19-06-13 à 18 h 37, anon notmyfault64 a écrit :
Dear Debian Publicity Team,

Instagram is now one of most used social media platform in the world. This platforms enable anyone to upload photos and videos (maximum 10 in a post). This platform also provides Stories and IGTV features as alternatives to traditional photos and videos posts.

However, almost all Linux distribution projects (including Debian) don't utilize Instagram. By having Instagram account, Debian (and Linux in general) can spread out benefits of Linux to all Instagram users. In the long term, Linux user marketshare can be improved significantly.

Here are technical suggestions about Debian on Instagram:
- Create a subdivision of Debian Publicity which maintains Debian on Instagram account.
- Request "blue tick" verification to Instagram so that users can know that this is official Debian on Instagram account.

Hope that this request can be realized and Debian can benefit from Instagram.

Regards, Bagas
Fabián Rodríguez

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