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Re: Shared info. about debian buster release.

at bottom :-

On 22/04/2019, Sam Hartman <hartmans@debian.org> wrote:


> Hi.

Dear Sam,

> It's been pointed out to me that I was talking to the reporter.
> My apologies.  First, thanks for covering Debian and for your work.  I
> thought someone within Debian was sending a pointer to the article.  And
> so I thought it was an internal discussion so I didn't include things
> like "hey, thanks for covering us."  Those are all true, I just thought
> it was more of an internal discussion where those are assumed.

Sharing a small introduction about myself -

Just to share, I have been a debian user and contributer to close to a
decade now.

I have done bits of bug-reporting whenever I come across issues for me
and my clients and have some simple de-bugging at times .


I was also lucky to be part of Debconf 2016


I have also been lucky to be part of quite a few mini-debconfs and
debutsavs which are held in India, Kochi being the most recent -


and do have a blog which is part of p.d.o.

I do however, have a favor to ask you .

I have made another article sharing how the DPL elections are held,
the Condorcet method. While I have shared some of the musings as well
as some of the ideas that you and the fellow candidates did share on
the platforms. I also shared some of the ideas which some people have
shared in making debian packaging easier, debian-installer modernized,
getting people to be paid for their work ( I understand there are
concerns there) and much more which will make Debian young and fun
again (not that it isn't.) .

I also shared some about some of the responsibilities that the DPL has
(from an outsider's view/perspective)

The only thing which is missing from the article is a picture or two
of your newest DPL .

Looking forward to hear from you.

> --Sam

          Shirish Agarwal  शिरीष अग्रवाल
  My quotes in this email licensed under CC 3.0

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