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status of debian-timeline package, are maintainers needed? (not sure)

Hi all
I just noticed that we are also providing the Debian Timeline as a
Debian package:


The repo was moved from alioth to salsa (thanks!) and some content
updated in the last weeks/months (Thanks!).

I just pushed the updates to dillon as explained in
https://wiki.debian.org/Teams/Publicity/Timeline so I hope the last
version (git master) will be online soon (not sure if it's done by cron
job or how; if I need to do something else, please tell).

But I guess that at some time (before January 2019) somebody should
upload a new version to unstable. Both Donald and me are non-uploading
DDs so we cannot do that.

CC'ing Paul Wise and Chris Lamb as they are listed as maintainers: Paul,
Chris, are any of you willing to continue with this task in the future?
If not, anybody else?

Sorry if the last commits lack the corresponding info/format needed for
changelog or other debian-packaging-related files, I'm happy to learn to
make easier to keep the package in shape, or provide patches/MR instead
of committing from now on, so an uploading-DD can review and merge only
if/when everything is compliant...


Laura Arjona Reina

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