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Re: possible to have something like AMA and ask about specific teams/roles

Sorry for the delay in my answer.
I've been following the conversation and trying to summarise what I would like
to say.

El 13/02/18 a las 05:28, shirish शिरीष escribió:
> Dear all,
> In recent past I have been interacting with reddit quite a bit.
> https://www.reddit.com/r/AMA/ . While many people put up AMA's - AMA
> in this context stands for Ask Me Anything (an acronym I didn't know.)


* Neil McGovern made an AMA as Debian DPL in 2015:

The AMA itself is in http://redd.it/3ctb6n

* Chris Lamb has been asked to do an AMA as DPL last year (couldn't find time to
materialise it yet, though):


> I was thinking maybe could announce an AMA on say #debian-publicity
> (where else would be better) 

I have no strong opinions about which is the adequate medium but I would say
#debian-publicity is not one of them (it's a channel for work for the publicity
team members and contributors). I was going to say just #debian, but that's also
a user support channel, and an AMA is not exactly like that. Then, if we agree
on IRC, I would propose to create a specific channel for the event(s)
(#debian-ama or whatever).

About reddit, I'm not a frequent reddit user but I use a free software tool
(RedReader for Android,
https://f-droid.org/packages/org.quantumbadger.redreader/ ) to read it (and I
guess it can be used to post, too). For PC, I don't know if there is any free
software client. I also don't know if the policies of the site would allow us to
replicate the whole reddit AMA thread in, say, an html file under Debian
infrastructure (looking briefly at https://www.reddit.com/help/useragreement/ it
seems to me that yes, we can. But IANAL, and devoted 5 minutes to that page, only).

and either have Laura, me or anybody who
> wants to be the chair for that particular meeting.

I personally don't feel very excited about chairing/moderating these kind of
event(s) but I guess that I since I would try to attend anyway, I could ask for
advice to the people that has done such task before, and try.
I think that more than one moderators/chairs may be needed (maybe one to drive
the conversation, and other(s) to deal with trolling, or too much off-topic).

> It will basically be a Q&A, the transcript done by meetbot with some
> of the interesting bits highlighted by the chair . If the chair, the
> person who is answering or anybody who is on the channel wants to
> highlight a particular sentence/paragraph can do it.
> @Laura and other members of the publicity team what do you all think ?

I agree with Paul and Shirish that the biggest issue is finding people willing
to actually do the AMA (listen and reply to questions).

For some time, we (publicity team) tried to do short interviews to Debian teams,
that were published in the section "DPN asks: Auditors, What do you do?" in
different Debian Project News issues. Some examples:

Auditors: https://www.debian.org/News/weekly/2014/17/index.en.html#WDYD
DSA: https://www.debian.org/News/weekly/2015/02/#WDYD
Hams: https://www.debian.org/News/weekly/2014/16/#WDYD

We found out that it was difficult to get people/teams involved in this
initiative. I guess that when somebody has some time to devote to Debian, they
prefer to put time in advancing their own TODO or team tasks, than to answer
questions. I don't blame anybody: I've been interviewed some times for Spanish
podcasts or blogs, and been postponing to answer the questions myself too...
And this is being an interview as an async task (basically, interviewer sends
the questionnaire by email, and the other person replies by email when they find
the time). Getting people engaged in an AMA which requires actual coordination
in time, is much more difficult.

But maybe I am wrong and the AMA format is more exciting for people to participate.

About the medium, once that we find the volunteers for actually doing the AMA,
and the volunteers for moderating it, I would leave the decision of which medium
to *them* (the format and medium that they find more comfortable). We (as
publicity team) can try to  guarantee that the transcription will be published
in any of our official channels, so it is accessible to anybody, no matter where
the discussion took place.

Best regards

Laura Arjona Reina

> We would give a 2 weeks from announcements and announce time and
> channel #debian-publicity  where either people can ask questions or
> just mail them in debian-publicity@lists.debian.org
> An example about how this works -
> Let's say we ask the debian-ftpmaster team if they are willing to have
> sometime away to answer few generic questions, say about 45-minutes to
> an hour (or more depending upon interest)
> Today is 13th , so we could ask them if 27th or 28th is ok with them.
> If they say yes to both, then we announce it via the various micronews
> and whatever way we can. I can put up a blog post about the idea .
> Then people apart from being on the channel on the appointed time,
> those who can't for one reason or other, timezone issues etc. we could
> ask them to drop a mail with the subject line
> Sub :- [debian-ftpmaster]  Can you tell us some of the common reasons
> that packages get rejected ?
> We have that 2 weeks window so we should get enough queries from DD,
> DM's and even the occasional lighter vein joke .
> It basically will do two things, it will help in removing or at least
> dislodging some of the myths perpetuated within Debian itself or even
> outside.
> What do people think about it ?
> Comments, critique all welcome.

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