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Re: Advertizing Debian Astro 1.0

Dear Laura,

thank you so much for taking some efforts in advertising Debian Astro!
At least I fail greatly with that...

I am very happy with the proposed entry in the Debian Project News;
please publish it there.

To use the opportunity here: we definitely need more publicity. I feel
myself quite on my personal limits here. So, if anyone in our team wants
to make a bit more noise, that would be much appreciated.



On 10.09.2017 12:12, Laura Arjona Reina wrote:
> Hello all
> (please CC me or CC the debian-publicity mailing list, I'm not subscribed to
> debian-astro).
> Thanks for working in Debian Astro!
> I've moved Debian Astro to the "released.data" file in the website, so it
> appears as released in https://www.debian.org/blends/ (it will be online in the
> next hours).
> I've added a paragraph in the section "Teams needing help" of the next Debian
> Project News (to be published in 16 September 2017):
> ---
> <p><b>Help spreading the word about Debian Astro 1.0</b></p>
> <p>
> <a href="https://blends.debian.org/astro/";>Debian Astro</a> was released
> last June together with Debian Stretch.
> Let's help making Debian Astro 1.0 known to the astronomy community!
> If you happen to attend any astronomy related conference or meeting,
> don't hesitate to talk to your colleagues about this
> <a href="https://www.debian.org/blends/";>Debian Pure Blend</a>
> focused for both professional and hobby astronomers,
> and the <a href="https://blends.debian.org/astro/tasks";>software packages</a>
> covering telescope control, data reduction, presentation and other fields.
> </p>
> ---
> Feel free to improve it directly committing in the DPN repo:
> https://anonscm.debian.org/cgit/publicity/dpn.git/tree/en/2017/03/index.wml
> or send your comments/fixes to the debian-publicity mailing list.
> Other way of advertising can be to omit this DPN paragraph for now, and try to
> publish a more detailed blog post in bits.debian.org. While DPN is published in
> the Debian website and mailed to all the debian-news subscribers, blogposts in
> bits.debian.org can include picture(s), go to planet.debian.org, and are
> microblogged via micronews.debian.org and the @debian accounts in several social
> networks. If you prefer a blogpost, feel free to start a draft yourselves,
> instructions here: https://wiki.debian.org/Teams/Publicity/bits.debian.org
> Best regards

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