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Re: info

Hello Josè, welcome!

El 10/09/17 a las 10:18, jriccardi4@gmail.com escribió:
> I am an Italian, I would like to participate, contribute and collaborate
> with your team ..
> I'm 40 years old and I really want to get in touch and see what I can ...
> good day
> Josè Riccardi

Please subscribe to the debian-publicity mailing list if you are still not
subscribed, so you keep track of what is happening in the team. You can also
join us in our IRC (chat) channel #debian-publicity in irc.debian.org (more info
about IRC in https://wiki.debian.org/IRC

Great that you want to contribute to spread the word about Debian!

We maintain several channels and all of them can use of your help :)

Currently (this week!) we are editing the next issue of Debian Project News
(DPN), to be published next 16 September 2017:


You can have a look at our IDEAS file:
take one, and write your paragraph for the DPN. Or include other news you
consider relevant.

If you were not reading the Debian Project News before, please have a look at
the former issues to get a feeling of the style:


If you prefer to contribute to other channel different than the DPN, you can
have a quick overview of the other team work in these links:

* DebConf17 talk about Publicity (video):
* Our wiki page: https://wiki.debian.org/Teams/Publicity/

Don't hesitate to ask whatever you need in order to start contributing.


Laura Arjona Reina

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